5,0 Foyerfete

If you fancy bass music in an unusual and rarely available location, come to the campus in Adlershof on Saturday. Celebrations take place in the lobby of the engine test rig.

Drum and Bass
  • Motul
  • Fabs
  • Swat
  • Jast
  • Ok Hannah
  • Prinzenz b2b Leonard

In order to counter the spread of Covid-19, we ask you to attend only if you are free from symptoms. Please test yourself and voluntary wear a mask indoors.

Thursday Breakdown #7

Electronic bass music lovers come together in a cosy bar and break genre boundaries. Every 2nd Thursday of the month at Lauschangriff. It’s all about the exchange between music lovers, past, current and upcoming DJs or producers and seekers of all kind. Bass, breaks, drums, synths, Absinth and (human) voices.

Tonight w/
  • Portram
  • Kappa Maki
  • Lady Tracy
  • Agem
  • Samadee
Thursday, 09 Mar 2023, 19:30
Lauschangriff, Rigaer Str. 103, Berlin Friedrichshain

19 years Out Of Mind

Out Of Mind turns 19 and VOID Hall opens for the first time today!

Void Hall – Drum & Bass
Void Main – Techno
Void Bar – Bass Music
Friday, 03 Mar 2023, 23:00
VOID, Wiesenweg 5-9, Berlin Friedrichshain


Attention: Location changed to Lauschangriff, our favourite absinth basement in the Rigaer Str. Late 90s and early 00s drum’n’bass vibes. The finest local DJs and a special guest form Czech. 100% proper underground stuff. All kind of kind people are welcome.

Musical Salt
  • Akira
  • Upzet
  • Yoru
  • SoaK
  • Fredd:
  • Prinzenz
  • Molecular Structures
  • Agem
Lyrical Pepper
  • Rollin MC
Saturday, 18 Feb 2023, 20:00
Lauschangriff, Rigaer Str. 103, Berlin Friedrichshain

Skrrr Skrrr #4

We got invited to play on stage in an old cinema, stacked with big sound & bass pleasure (actually to powerful for the nice and needy dance floor). You will like it, if you enjoy bass. You will love it, if you enjoy UK Bass Music, shiny visuals and friendly people. So grab your raving shoes, book a train and join us in Luckenwalde.

Musical Salt
Lyrical Pepper
  • Crizla
  • Rollin MC

Visual fire by Displaced Pictures

Important Info: Capacity is limited to 120 people, so better come by early. The promoter have a special permit until 3 o’clock in the night and will see what else is possible. If you arrive by train from Berlin, we will not put you outside the door before the first train arrives.

Saturday, 11 Feb 2023, 20:30

Thursday Breakdown #6

You are looking for a “Thursday Breakdown” in a cosy bar, nice people and Bassmusic? Join Agem and Samadee’s event every second Thursday at Lauschangriff.

todays menu
  • FridaY
  • Alienationist
  • Agem
  • Samadee
  • Swat
Thursday, 09 Feb 2023, 19:30
Lauschangriff, Rigaer Str. 103, Berlin Friedrichshain

Analog Tecne Model

Analog Tecne Model invites friends, crew and party people to the Sektor in Dresden for a night full of Mental, Tekkno, Techno, Acid and Drum & Bass. So come along and bring your dancing shoes.

ATM Floor
  • Bassdriver
  • Ben b2b XTech
  • Bisturi
  • Dj Sati
  • Hesed
TBA Floor
  • Beels & Highzraum
  • Fistagla
  • Konfuz
  • Mishka
  • Nsphere
  • Pigs Floyd
  • Psionide
  • Tinnitus
  • Trixter
  • Visuals by ADHOC
Acid City Floor
  • Acid Injection -live machines-
  • Amarel
  • Ch1P
  • Feriga
  • Gummimann
  • Little M

Void X-Mess

It’s Christmas Eve, you have nothing planned and you’re looking for a rave? Welcome to Void X-Mess with Drum & Bass on the main floor and Techno on the Bar floor.

Main Room
Bar Room
Saturday, 24 Dec 2022, 23:00
VOID, Wiesenweg 5-9, Berlin Friedrichshain

12 Jahre Ostbloc & Blocsport

Our lovely Ostbloc turns 12 and we want to celebrate with you! On 03.12. from 20:00 pm runs the spectacular competition final of the annual Ostblock Boulder Cup station Berlin, musically accompanied by VUP’s Kappa Maki. Afterwards there will be dancing all night long in a magical Ostbloc Nightclub atmosphere.

Saturday, 03 Dec 2022, 20:00


U.N.I.T.Y is back again, unifying artists and music heads, deep and sophisticated sound chemistry in a range from 70 to 170 BPM.

Mainroom: D&B
Barfloor: Bass & Jungle
Hotbox: HipHop & Grime
Saturday, 26 Nov 2022, 23:00
VOID, Wiesenweg 5-9, Berlin Friedrichshain


You like it hard, uhh? Then you are right at Therapy Sessions XI with Katharsys (FR) and Section 63 (UK) headlining this evening, supported by Sonair, Dirty Vertigo and Nini Skittlez on the main floor. Rodeo is representing an also dark but contrasting sound of Drum&Bass on the bar floor together with the Berlin headz Hns, Skulder&Mully and Upzet.

Main Room
Bar Room
Friday, 28 Oct 2022, 23:00
VOID, Wiesenweg 5-9, Berlin Friedrichshain

Reflective Sounds goes KitKat

You wild DnB worshippers, playful party passionists, and extravagant hedonists! This will be the very first DnB party ever given at that famous nightclub in Berlin. Be kinky, fetish, elegant, naked, colorful, sexy, wild – the sky is the limit to your fantasy. Just be creative. Casual wear won’t be excluded though.

  • Millbrook
  • Skulder & Mully
  • Restless Ghost
  • Niniskittlez
  • Dirty Plates
  • Dark Zenith
  • Anton Quasi
Lyrical Pepper
  • MC Do
  • Rollin MC
Thursday, 29 Sep 2022, 23:00
KitKatClub, Köpenicker Straße 76, Berlin
Ancient VUP Logo Tag

„Cause from the hood I came
and to the hood I must return.“

Lords Of The Underground Tic Toc

Very Unimportant People, Movement since 1999.

Playing Drum & Bass, Dubstep and other Bass Music. Shaped by labels such as Metalheadz, Virus, Exit, Hospital, V Recordings, Soul:R and Hard:Edged. Collaborations with TFAS, Heavy Sessions, Refloat, Recycle and many more. Hosting events since 2003 at locations like Tacheles, Panke, Gretchen, MIKZ, Cassiopeia and Ostbloc. Watch out for our events Klanggut, VUP Transmission, Langer Donnerstag and BRN.


A reserved, down-to-earth guy whose sound features a variety of infectious rhythms. Since 2003 Breakbeats, Dubstep, Bass, Drum & Bass and House are part of his repertoire.

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It’s all about fun. “Lyrically and technically the best MC in the galaxy”. Hosting rainbow Bass which means all colors of Bass Music. Also part of Asian Trouble and the Wung Seng Gang (—_—).


aka. Kappa Maki, BudPets

“What’s a genre, mommy?” Compiling atmospheric bass tapes since 2001 under various aliases.

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Rollin MC

Riding and producing all types of basslines since 2002. Part of the dnbinberlin and keepitrollin administration. Always been well-mannered.

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aka. Lasse Zappeln

Spinning records since 2001. Swat focuses on atmospheric, deep and impelling Drum & Bass, while Lasse Zappeln mashes up genres beyond 170 bpm.

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Basslinerider since 2004. Providing deep, dark and techy Bass Music — primarily Drum & Bass. Always on the hop.

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VUP Transmission

Bunte Republik Neustadt


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